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I am feeling really happy  to have you on my place. Welcome to my life. You are free to explore about special events of my life on my place. Here I writes about things happens in my life, places I visit and everything which I think that I should share it with people. I love to read people’s experiences about anything. So, exactly same I also loves to tell people about my experiences.

I am into an Entrepreneurship. To make new business modules and play a big chance over them is fun for me. I blindly plays with new concepts and common concepts too. My logic of working over my ideas is just to take it to a higher level where people can call it a brand. I feel very happy by teaching people skills to earn more and take a step forward in business.
My Entrepreneurship career started with Amazon Affiliates when I was in 9th Standard. From there I struggled for 6 months and kept my workings on. My first pay check which I got a for referring sales to Amazon India was of Rs.2000 only. This isn’t a big amount. it is very small but at that time it was equal to $2000 for me. Now with the help of my efforts I am successfully working over my ideas and some goes fine and some flops. Earnings are very good for me currently. My approach toward business and what I do is very positive and I enjoys whatever I do. Never make you feel like satisfied (This is my philosophy, IDK about yours).

I like writing with Pen and Blogging is Fun for Me.

Wandering is happiness for me. I love to travel far away places and especially hill areas. Spending time with family, Eating food, driving machines , listening to music while driving, enjoying time with friends and sitting in peace sometimes is essential for me. These are some important things which I must do at a regular time period. I Roadtrips and Dhabas…..

I am skilled at Digital Marketing, Website Development, Event Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Brand Development, Online Advertising, Search Engine Advertising, Android Development and Java Development.

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