Landmarks in Bandra You Must Visit

Hello everyone, I am glad  to see you here. Welcome to my life.

I once have been to Mumbai . For information let me clear that I only once have been to Mumbai. I am a resident of Delhi. Not born  here in Delhi, My Hometown is Agra as told by parents . Vsiting mumbai was because of some work there. Actually there was an event in which I was invited. So, it was a really very good experience of my life visiting mumbai. The city looks so beautiful but the rush of traffic and people was everywhere like in Delhi.

On the last day which was 3rd day of my visit I was free and someone suggested me to visit Bandra. bandra is one of the greatest part of mumbai. Bandra is lined by Arabian Sea. It is one of the most popular suburb of mumbai city which you can also say city of dreams (जहाँ सब अपनी आँखो  मे बड़े बड़े सपने लेकर आते है… कुछ लोगो के पूरे हो जाते है और कुछ लोग Efforts Carry करते रहते है…. As Usual this is the truth of Life…. But Never give up because the day  will come….).

OK, leave it…

Lets move onto the topic I was telling you and for which you are here…

If you are visiting mumbai for any time, It would be a pleasure to explore Bandra. I visited bandra and I found some very interesting places which I would like to suggest you to visit.

So, lets carry onto what are those places which you must visit in bandra, Mumbai (According to what i liked and made me feel attached to it…).

#1. Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church – Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Mount mary church is also called Basilica of our lady of mount. This is a place of Christians but it is visited by people of all beliefs and thoughts. Tourists visit here to get blessings of Mary. This church also hosts an annual fair called mount mary church and also known as bandra fair.

#2. Linking Road

Linking Road, Mumbai

Linking Road, Mumbai

Bandra has a lot of premium and expensive boutiques and shops about clothing and other  stuff. On other hand Linking road  comes in play. Now it is a place where you can enjoy street shopping . You can shop trendy garments and jewelry also you can shop footwear for you here. This is like sarojini nagar market I can say. Correct me in comments if I am wrong because I don’t much have been to Sarojini Nagar Market.

#3. Ranwar


Ranwar, you can say a heritage. It is a heritage of Mumbai city which they are preserving. If you want to explore the old things of bandra then you must visit here. This is like a Chandni Chowk of Delhi (but we don’t have big bungalows and greenery in chandni chowk). Things of 1700s are waiting for you there. Big bungalows  and greenery is waiting up for you there.

#4. Mannat


Dream Destination in Mumbai for every SRK’s Fan

If you are a fan of Shahrukh Khan then you must be knowing which place is this. Still if you are not then also you maybe aware of this building. Mannat is house of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan. On this place you will always find hell lot of people standing outside just to have a glimpse of SRK. If it is the day of SRK’s birthday then the condition will be crazy here.

#5. Bandra – Worli Sea Link

Bandra - Worli Sea Link

This approx. 5.6 KMs long bridge is a real pleasure to drive on. This time I was in a Cab so wasn’t able to drive over…. but I’ll be doing this during my planned Goa trip. The view from here is epic and still gives me a moment of huge smile and happiness when I thinks about it as i Love roads. If you are going mumbai then don’t miss this… Don’t be fool…. Just be COOL and a storyteller.

There was a lot of places left to explore but I was already running out of time. So, I decided to convinced my heart and got back to Delhi. that’s sad 

So, this was all from my heart and now its your turn to tell something to me about your life…. Lets share it in comments below .

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